Hurdlestone Challenge Rules

Rules for Participants

The following rules must be observed:-

  1. All participants are to follow the Scouting and Guiding values, which includes no cheating during the Challenge.
  2. All participants of the Hurdlestone Challenge must be members of a Scout Troop or Guide Unit, aged from 10 years old and aged no more than 14½ on 1 August of the Challenge year.
  3. Teams must consist of at least four and no more than six members. If numbers are reduced to fewer than four at any point in the Challenge, then they must accompany another team while walking but they can continue to participate in bases as separate teams.
  4. Team members wishing to retire, must do so at a base, unless injured.
  5. All items on the kit list for the Challenge MUST be carried or worn at all times during the Challenge. The Troop/Unit Neckerchief must be visibly and correctly worn.
  6. Teams must walk in single file on the roads and observe the Highway and Country Codes. NO LITTER.
  7. Teams must attend all activity bases and check points in the specified order. Noise levels must be kept to a minimum. Radios, personal stereos, GPS/Sat nav and mobile telephones will not be allowed by Scouts or Guides and will be confiscated if found.
  8. At 5.30 p.m. the Challenge will end. Wherever a team is, it must return to the campsite, whether the course has been completed or not.
  9. Adult leaders are not permitted to accompany their teams but they may visit any/all of the activity bases.
  10. Aerosol sprays, alcoholic drinks & drugs are not permissible and action will be taken accordingly if found.
  11. Self-catering is not permissible but dining is allowed within your own designated area or in or around one of the main marquees.
  12. No dogs will be allowed on site during the weekend.
  13. On display on the camp site, and previously sent to you, is a site layout plan clearly showing the extent of the field made available for our use. Other than for the purposes of gaining access to a base in the adjacent fields, by following the route shown on your map, all other areas of this field are out of bounds. Any equipment within the site boundary is not to be touched, moved or used in any way and the climbing of trees is not allowed.
  14. Any games or other recreational activities will only be allowed in the large grass area outside of the main marquee as identified on the camp site plan.
  15. No naked flames will be allowed on site. By naked flames we mean boilers, smoking, stoves, tilly lights, gas lamps, gas heaters and other similar items. Please check with us in advance of the event by using the following email

Spot checks will be carried out throughout the day by marshals. Points will be deducted if the above rules are not adhered to and, if appropriate, disqualification of the whole team