Fans of Hurdlestone

‘Thank you to all who gave up their time to make this such a great weekend! Sam from 1st Highweek had a brilliant first Hurdlestone and will be back again next year!’

‘Lovely to see the photos of all the fun that’s been going on this weekend. As a parent, I can’t thank all the organisers enough for their incredible hard work and commitment which makes Hurdlestone a truly amazing experience.’

‘On Behalf of all Service Crew and Challengers we would like to thank the Hurdlestone Challenge Committee for all their hard work and commitment to putting on such a fantastic weekend for all involved!! Without such a dedicated committee the event wouldn’t be what it is now! So thank you very much and we all look forward to Hurdlestone 2016!!
Teignbridge Explorer Scouts.’

‘Great big thank you from 8th Plympton Guides & Torybrook Rangers for another great Hurdlestone Challenge Weekend.’